2005 - SMART Moves - finding the balance, Brisbane workshops

November 02nd, 2005

08:00am - 10:00am
Children in Childcare - Practical problem solving
Presented by Kate Tuohy-Main
Venue - Brisbane Private Hospital
Cost - $75.00

Legislation - overheads and discussion

  • OHS Act 2000 factors to consider - handout
  • Manual handling risk factors - handout
  • Mechanical aids, children, parents and staff - discussion

Back Care and Knee Care - practical session with group participation

  • Exercise, warnings and advice - handouts
  • Options for accessing the floor - posture and positions handout
  • Options for sitting on the floor - handout

Working with Children - practical demonstration and discussion " video

  • Lifting children in and out of cot - baby lying and toddler standing
  • Nappy changing - baby from end, toddler from side of change table, or on floor
  • Lifting children from the floor - baby lying and sitting and standing toddler
  • Lifting in and out of high chair - in from back, out from front
  • Working and playing on floor with children - see accessing and sitting on floor
  • Picking up toys - see accessing floor
  • Handling agitated children - distraction or receive in sitting so arm free
  • Moving equipment and furniture - use of body weight and semi-squat to assess and
    move loads
  • Working with children with disabilities


  • Height adjustable cots, high chairs, nappy change tables
  • Small adult sized chairs for carers to sit on when working with children
  • Trolleys for assisting to move toys and equipment
08:00am - 12:00am
Introduction to the freestyle lifting approach
Presented by Lynn Varcin-Coad
Venue - Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre
Cost - $90.00


1. Introducing the freestyle technique

This workshop is designed for participants who have not been exposed to freestyle technique before. This specific technique is ideal for the repetitious bending, leaning forward, reaching, pulling and the many unique situations the health & community workers perform. It is specifically used as an alternate to squatting repetitiously, de-emphasising the use of the legs and actively recruits stabilisation muscles relevant to tasks. This system of training has been implemented successfully in healthcare settings including residential aged care, health service districts, domiciliary and home care and disability and special education services throughout QLD.

2. Specific handling techniques

Utilising the recently learnt freestyle movements will then be facilitated. For example techniques for assisting to stand with variations will be used to demonstrate the potential power of the technique when compared to traditional approaches.

Other applications commonly requested include

  • Repetitious low bends (with & without turn)
  • Pulling & pushing tasks eg in bed or laundry loads
  • Reaching (activation of stabilisers)
  • Other tasks as time permits and as requested by participants

General Participant Information

Course designed for workers, trainers and educators involved with people handling tasks. Wear comfortable loose clothing as workshop will be interactive. Content designed for participants unfamiliar with freestyle technique and its applications to tasks.

Participants numbers

Max number 25 (if room size allows this many!)

* Morning tea included

09:00am - 12:00am
Intervening in the design process
Presented by Invited Speaker Fiona Begg Certified Professional Ergonomist, OHS Consultant, Accreditied OT
Venue - Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre
Cost - $75.00

Have you ever wanted to get involved in the design process for a health or aged care facility but lacked the confidence to put your hand up?
Have you ever been involved in a health facility design project, but disappointed in the end result?

Do you want to find out about the Design Advisory Service approach to empowering health practitioners to add value to the design process?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, this interactive half day workshop is for you. It will utilise strategic and practical lessons from a successful five year push to improve the design of new workplaces in health and aged care across Victoria, to enable safer handling of patients and residents.

Workshop participants will:

  • Develop a strong awareness and understanding of the causal link between workplace design and occupational health and safety in the health industry.
  • Obtain hands on working knowledge of the WorkSafe Victoria publication "Designing workplaces for the safer handling of patients/residents".
  • Develop skills in identifying risks to health and safety using architectural drawings.
  • Develop an understanding of the benefits and some methods for achieving effective user consultation & post occupancy evaluation during the design process.
  • Gain an understanding of practical strategies to enable users to more effectively intervene in the design process.

The workshop is targeted to persons who may become involved in the design process including direct care staff working in the health industry; Project Managers; Architects; Managers involved in building design; Health and Safety Representatives and OHS Committee members.

*Morning tea included

12:30am - 2:30pm
Pick up Tricks - Problem Solving
Presented by Kate Tuohy-Main
Venue - Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre
Cost - $45.00

Workshop Outline

  • Reminder of back and knee care when assisting people to move - handouts
  • Self preservation of the carer and empowerment of person requiring assistance
  • Group work to allow participants to practice the following procedures
  • Handout material with descriptions of the following procedures Assisting a person to move when they are sitting in a chair
  • Grip release - when a person will not let go
  • Positioning heavy legs on floor, bed or on a wheel chair foot plate
  • Flexing knee of leg prone to extensor spasm to position leg on floor or foot plate
  • Positioning a handling belt round a person's waist and using the belt
  • Positioning a mechanical lifting sling behind a person
  • Placing and removing a mechanical lifting sling under a person's legs
  • Positioning a person's feet on a foot plate of a standing machine

Slide sheet application

  • Moving a person back in a chair
  • Assisting a person to slide to the ground from a chair
  • Under shoulders for a person to move themselves up the bed or on the floor
  • Placing two slide sheets under a person with minimal rolling
  • Slide sheet under legs for a 2 person assist in and out of bed

Other equipment

  • Moving a mechanical hoist - to minimise risk of injury to
  • Sit-slide pad - to prevent a person slipping out of a chair
  • Soft-handi turn - to assist a person in/out of a car or bed
  • Bed ladder strap - to assist a person to sit themselves up in bed independently
  • Leg lift - to assist a person to lift their legs into a bed/car or for carers to assist them to walk
  • Stocking applicator - facilitating application of therapeutic support stockings

Discussion and problem solving

Participants will be encouraged to suggest any other task related to the moving and handling of people for discussion, as time allows.

1:00pm - 5:00pm
Practical risk assessment tools for manual handling
Presented by Roxanne Egeskov & Tony Johnston WH&S Qld and Queensland Health
Venue - Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre
Cost - $90.00

* Afternoon tea included

3:00pm - 5:00pm
Loan Set session
Presented by Anne Hardy
Venue - Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre
Cost - $20.00

Anne Hardy is currently the Nurse Unit Manager of the Sterilizing Services at Knox Private Hospital. Anne has over 20 years experience in Perioperative services. She has a post graduate certificate in Occupational Health and Safety and Sterilization and Infection Control. After taking on the role of Sterilizing Services manager Anne was immediately struck by the amount of manual handling associated with orthopaedic loan sets and the perception of staff that it was all part of the job.

Anne and her staff have taken a systematic approach to the risk assessment of handling the loan sets and have implemented stategies to minimise the risk to all staff in the perioperative area.

Following workshops attended by representatives of the major stakeholders: Loan set companies; OHamp;S managers; Perioperative nurses; Loan set coordinators; Couriers; Worksafe(vic)and CSSD managers, a new proptotype Orthopaedic Instrument transport case has been developed This case has been designed for use with mechanical lifting devices that eliminate the need for any instrument tray to be lifted out of the container.

A Guidance note for the safe handling of Orthopaedic Surgical Instruments is now available on the Workcover website. This presentation will cover manual handling strategies with orthopaedic loan sets and demonstrate how heavy lifting associated with the processing of these instruments in the theatre and CSSD can be eliminated.


November 03rd, 2005

08:00am - 4:00pm
4 Day Manutention Patient Handling Course
Presented by Jane Morrissey and Jill Chisholm
Venue - University of Queensland St Lucia
Cost - $550.00

This 35 hour course is designed to provide participants with the knowledge and skills to encourage a cultural change in the workplace.

It highlights the concepts of

  • risk minimization and
  • self protective behaviour


Physiotherapy Dept
Room 312, Building 84a
University of Queensland
Schonell Dr, St Lucia 4067

Dates and times

3-6th November 2005
8.00 am to 4.00 pm daily.


Jill Chisholm (AAMP):
0408 548365
(03) 9584 1545
Jane Morrissey

*Early bird price applies to registrations made before 31st August 2005.


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