AAMHP news

Dear members,

It has been a hard decision to make but the South Australian committee has decided to cancel the September conference as registrations have been at an all time low. So, for all those persons waiting to see what the climate is at a later date Im afraid we could not wait and see, before we lost more money in costs.

On the bright side, we are going to host a couple of workshop days like what we did in Melbourne some time ago. A couple of speakers followed by workshops and equipment displays on single days so people can come and go on days that they want. There will be a networking night as well but obviously on a much smaller scale.

With border closures, hot spots and vaccination lagging way behind schedule we have had to reconsider what is viable. Which is sad really as we had the commitment of our sponsors and speakers, but without you all registering, events like this cannot succeed. So let us know what you want for the future events of AAMHP, and in fact do you see a future for the Association.

A survey will follow shortly.

Watch this space for event notification, and I hope we will all see each other again soon.

The South Australian conference committee and the Executive Committee AAMHP.