Gallagher- Prescribing a full lifting mobile hoist systematically

Gallagher- Prescribing a full lifting mobile hoist systematically

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Aideen Gallagher
May 20, 2014 04:25pm
Prescribing a full lifting mobile hoist systematically (391) 

Aideen Gallagher 1

  1. NSW Health, Eastwood, NSW, Australia

Hoist prescription can be a daunting task, when attempting to ensure the comfort and safety of client, while also promoting a safe and efficient procedure of work for the carer.  How do you know which hoist system is the right one to recommend and avoid the one size fits all mentality?By the end of this workshop participants will be able to;

  • Identify 3 areas of consideration when determining the size of hoist most suitable for client and carer.
  • Explain 2 differences between a standard yoke and a pivot frame yoke.
  • Recognize the clinical significance of 2 features of sling design when selecting the most appropriate sling for client and carer. 
  • Select 1 new manual handling principle that a carer/therapist can apply when undertaking a hoist transfer with a client.

This hoist prescription workshop will present a model for selecting a suitable full lifting hoist, yoke and sling depending on the needs of the client and carer.  The workshop will also focus on skills aimed at reducing the manual handling needed on behalf of the carer when using a hoist with a client.

Hoist prescription demands a comprehensive assessment to determine the needs of both client and carer in the transfer process.  This workshop will offer a procedure of assessment to enable the therapist commence the clinical reasoning process in selecting the most suitable system for both parties.