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Got an idea for a conference abstract?

Pippa Wright
Pippa Wright posted on September 26, 2017 11:10am

Abstracts are still open for the Conference in Melbourne 21 to 23 May 2018. 

Here are some ideas to inspire thought and motivation for submitting an abstract and sharing your story.

Industry scope - Whilst the industry scope remains the same Health and community services (Hospitals, Rehabilitation centres, Education, Emergency services, Aged care, Community care) the 2018 conference has widened the scope to beyong just manual handling of people. Share your successes in materials handling, safety systems, training and education or wellness and injury management.


  • Think Strategies 2020 – 2030 – Where are we headed: Current need to know Topics of interest:
  • Aging population – Greatest uses of the healthcare system - What has your sector done to challenge this?
  • Immigration: Have you predicted an impact on the Healthcare system – From a user’s perspective or and Employees perspective.
  • The modern Regulator – the inspectorate, where is this headed?
  • IT solutions – will computerisation and automation change care delivery?Workforce of the future – what will it look like
  • Aged care – How to navigate into the future – are we prepared for the baby boomer generation
  • What is the Health predictions of the future? Particularly in community care.
  • What impact will the NDIS and packaged care on safety in the workplace, clients self-managing their packages and employing less qualified persons?
  • Can we predict the impact on standard of care?
  • Use of telehealth – How will this look?
  • Where do you see manual handling training in 2020? Purely assimilated?
  • Rehab and post injury work – Predicting the injury type of the future?
  • Mental Health: Stress and anxiety claims: Now on the rise above any physical injury?


  • Dementia – co morbidities, impact on healthcare: Employee perspective, Client perspective; and Behaviours of concern
  • Ageing workforce
  • NDIS – National Disability Insurance Scheme: CDC “Consumer directed care” case studies - What’s the impact / strategies and outcomes
  • Organisational change: Challenging change for better outcomes rather than for change sake.
  • Population change – immigration impacts
  • Working in isolation – who do you turn to?
  • Professional Development – case studies
  • Multicultural workforces – cultural understanding
  • RTW success stories


  • Ergonomics and Design in prevention
  • Ergonomic outcomes – case studies in Over Head tracking systems
  • Workplace stress strategies – What’s happening in Mental health
  • Success stories – Spread the news..
  • Innovations – Equipment, strategies, Programs
  • Rescue teams of the future – challenging environments
  • The good bad and ugly of the industry – Federal government perspective

 Abstract submission close 27th October 2017. Share your success stories!!