2014 - SAFER Handling

Whilst the program under construction, please feel free to consider the range of presenters and topics on show at the 2014 Conference.

Tony Johnston
Conference Convenor

Hanneke Knibbe, LOCOmotion Research and Consultancy in Health Care, Netherlands

  1. ErgoCoaches and the effects of peer leaders: the Dutch approach
  2. Comparision of educational and training methods
  3. Workshop: Measurements and biomechanics evaluation

 Panel Discussion: Facility design and implementation of ceiling hoists: Review of international trends and implementation stratgies and lessons from the acute, aged care and community settings.

 Legal insigths: Review of injury trends and case law.  Mitigations strategies for the trainer and organisations to manager due diligence obligations and balance the rights of workers and clients.

Kent Wilson, Past President, Board of Directors for Association of Safe Patient Handling Professionals, USA
The role of professional certification: and American and international journey

Hal Robertson, South Australian Health
The new Royal Adelaide Hospital: Designed to manage safer handling of bariatric patients

Ken Cookson, Aintree Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, UK
Bariatric Risk Management - A systems approach

Ruth Wozencroft, Hill_Rom, UK
Dealing with the dementia deluge

Peter Pollnitz, South Australian Health
It's not easy being green: Reducing manual tasks risk in uncontrolled environments - How to keep your Paramedics safe?

Pat Alexander, Herts Handling Training Ltd, UK
Reducing Care Packages

... and many more presentations and case studies


Slide sheet masterclass: Various presenters - Hands on practical workshop to explore the ups and downs of slide sheets

Slings Masterclass: Various Presenters - Hands on practical workshop to to review sling selection strategies, range of slings available, use, application, inspections and testing.

Ceiling Hoist Workshop: Various Presenters - developing the business case for Ceiling

Hanneke Knibbe, LOCOmotion Research and Consultancy in Health Care, Netherlands - Measurements and biomechanics evaluation

Nico Knibbe, LOCOmotion Research and Consultancy in Health Care, Netherlands - Voila method: in depth and interactive workshop

Donna Lee: Workplace Health and Safety Queensland - Participate in PErforM: A particpatory ergonomics approach

Janet Hope: Aus BIG - Demystifying the complexities of communicating with the bariatric client

Aideen Gallagher: NSW Health - Prescribing a full lifting mobile hoist systematically

Peter Maindal, Vendlet - Moving, lifting and handling the passive patient in bed

Sonja Jennings and Jane Morrisey, St Joseph of God: Repositioning Sling - lifting and turning patients